Contrary to popular belief – Bunnies don’t always breed like we would like them too. Especially if you are anxiously awaiting a litter. It can become very stressful and dishearten when you can’t get rabbits to breed and have babies.


I have learned a few tricks over the years that have helped me.


Add “mother” Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – 1 Tablespoon per gallon of water. This will help does come on into cycle. We do this with all our bunnies.


Put buck into doe cage.


If doe isn’t mean then you can leave buck with her for a few days – I don’t care to do this because it can cause injury and you don’t know 100% if they mated or not.


Breed on table – position doe and hold while buck mounts.


Another trick is to swap cage with buck and doe – leave them in each other’s cages for a few days then place doe with buck.


They say Parsley will help fertility but I have not tested that theory.


You can also put them in a carrier and drive around town. There is something about traveling that seems to bring them in.


Add light so that they have longer “daylight” time during those shorter days.


Feed can also play a major role in breeding and fertility.


Doe is considered “in” when her vulva is swollen and red. She will normally raise up on back end if you put your hands on her back.


Does will also get very testy and grumpy when cycling.


Don’t let virgin bucks get tore up by grumpy doe – it will make him shy and leery of breeding.


Also make sure that buck has both set of testicles and doesn’t have spit penis.


Another thing is to make sure that the rabbits are of appropriate age to breed depending on breed they are.


If you have any tips or questions- Please feel free to comment here. Don’t give up!