Getting ready for a show It seems like it is always a huge undertaking getting ready for a show. You are always worrying that you will forget something and you probably will but you will learn what works best for you.


I highly suggest making a list and keeping it close so you can add to it.


First off, you want to make sure that your rabbit is free of DQs.


*Check teeth and make sure they are not messed up.


*Nails need clipped, double check the nail color and make sure they have all nails.


*Check coat for molting and discoloration or spots.


*Double check and make sure the sex fairy didn’t visit and change them on you – Trust me it happens more times then I care for it. You also want to make sure that the bucks don’t have pimples or split penis.


*Check ears and make sure that the tattoo can be seen clearly and rabbit is free of mites.


*Make sure to weigh them and that they make the correct weight for their class.


Once you have the list of rabbits then you need to send in your entries for show. Double check everything when it goes in, again when they send confirmation and again at the show. One mistake will cost you an entry fee. It is your responsibility to make sure that EVERYTHING is correct.


Ok – now on to the list of what to take.


*You will want to take a chair. We usually take a barstool too since some of the classes are so long, the barstool allows us to sit near judging table without taking up any more space then we would standing there. My daughter also takes a pillow and blanket with her. I make sure I take tennis shoes and not my boots – a lot of standing


* A grooming table/stand, if you don’t have one then you can lay a piece of carpet over the cages and use it as one. *We also always take nail clippers and tattoo pen because you just never know.


*You will also want pen and paper so you can keep up with rabbit placement, judge comments, etc.


*Labeling pens whether they are nice cage tags like in our store or just a piece of duct tape with black marker on it: it will make it so much easier at show time instead of digging through and checking ear numbers.


*Since we take kids to the show with us we always have simple snacks and an ice chest of drinks. Most shows will have a concession stand.


*Water and feed bowls for the rabbits and we also bring our own water because it is what they are used too.


*Carriers must have a leak proof tray in order to be allowed into showroom. You can put puppy pads, shavings, etc in the bottom to help hold down the smell.




A few other things that we take are sale rabbits, our sign, our pedigree book, and something for the donation table that they have set up at the shows. We also make sure that we purchase tickets for raffles. This is what helps the shows continue to thrive. I would rather help a local show then only be able to drive to a couple a year because they are hours away.


If it is your first show then don’t stress, there are ALWAYS some very helpful people that will be more than happy to guide you around and help you out.


Once at show, you will need to check rabbits in. This is where you DOUBLE check your entries and make sure that everything is correct. Once you have taken care of that then you find a place to set up and then you wait for the FUN to begin!


I imagine that I left a few things and it seems like every time we go we think of something else or we see an awesome idea at the show that will work for us.


Most shows also have vendor there so you can pick up items you need for home and show while there. If you have any tips please feel free to leave in the comment section.