You have your pedigree rabbit registered and it has won several legs so now what?

You will need to send three legs that meets the requirements. Make sure you make a copy of them before you mail them because they won’t send them back. Legs will need the barcode on them.


Rabbit must be registered and number must be provided. You will not need to send registration certificate or copy of pedigree.

Date of birth of rabbit must be noted. Date of birth will be checked against the show date to determine if animal was shown in proper class.

Legs submitted cannot be altered. Addition of registration number and date of birth submitted.

Listed exhibitors(s)/owner(s) must hold a current ARBA membership. You can find membership information at

Listed owner(s) on registration file should comply with Show Rule #30 – “All animals must be bone fide property of the exhibitor(s) prior to entry. Each owner’s personal name must be listed on the  entry form,  but a rabbitry name may be added , if applicable, when  entering shows. It will be the responsibility of the owner and Show  Committee to not submit or accept an entry in family or rabbitry  name. The determination/conformation of ownership is the  responsibility of the exhibitors’.” 

1. Listed exhibitor(s) showing in ARBA youth show must be of youth age (5 through 18 years old)

2. If animal’s registration is owned by an adult and co-owned by a youth, rabbit can only be shown in open.

3. Adult members cannot show in youth show.

Three different shows – check sanction numbers.

Two different judges at least.

Signature of show secretary is not needed on a computer generated leg.

One leg must be a 6/8 win or senior win. A “bumped” up leg counts toward a 6/8 or senior win.

All legs being of the same ear number, sex, and breed of animal.

Check the winning listed on leg – need one win won with at least 5 animals and 3 exhibitors.

The date of registration is noted along with the recorded transfers to determine if Show Rule #30 was observed.

If a purchased animal comes with legs those can be used towards Grand Champion certificate.

If a purchased animal comes with a Grand Champion certificate then it can NOT be transferred.


Grand Champion fee is $4.00